Axminster Tartan Carpet

Tartanesque is a simply stunning carpet range that takes a plaid carpet pattern and recolours each design contrasting accent colours alongside deeper background shades. This creates a modern looking range that adds sophistication to any area within the home. This heavy duty quality Axminister carpet is a must for those looking for a stylish yet durable range that can handle heavy footfall with ease, whist remaining timelessly stylish

Construction: Woven Axminster

Pile Yarn Content: 80% Wool, 20% Nylon

Texture: Cut Pile Velour

Yarn count & tex: 2 Ply/47’s, R660 tex or 2/42’s, R740 tex

Pitch: 7 per inch/27.6 per dcm

Rows: 8 per inch/31.4 per dcm

Pile Height: 7.5mm (Total height: 10.5mm)

Pile Weight: *1260g/m2 – 1310g/m2

Total Weight: *2070g/m2 – 2500g/m2

Tuft Density per m2: 86,940

Backing: Woven Polyester/Polypropylene or Woven Jute/Cotton

Width: 4m

Suitability: Extra Heavy Domestic/Heavy Contract

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